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While My Hazzan Gently Weeps

Shabbats are the toughest.

I used to look forward to them and they used to bring me so much joy. Now they depress me.

And I carry that sadness for days.

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Prayer Customs of Karaite Jews (New Video – By Eli Shmuel)

Karaite Jewish LearningEli Shemuel is no longer in the U.S., but he keeps on trucking. Last night the Karaite Jews of America released another learning by Eli. This time, Eli is speaking about Karaite Jewish prayer customs.

I previously wrote a little about Karaite prayer customs here. Eli’s new video goes into more detail about removing our shoes, ritual purity, the structure of the Karaite prayer. Check out the beautiful music from the Karaite Jewish choir of Israel as well.


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Six Questions & Answers: Two Rabbanites & the Karaite Shul

The scene of cross-denominational dialogue

The scene of cross-denominational dialogue

Around Passover, Sara and Elijah, two students from a Talmud study group at UC Berkeley’s (Go Bears!) Hillel, spent the weekend at the Karaite synagogue in Daly City.  Not only did they join us for Shabbat prayers, they actually prostrated in the traditional Karaite fashion.

I recently posed six questions to them about their experience at the synagogue.

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A Taste of Karaite Judaism in 30 Minutes or Less (Part 2)

Taste of Karaite Well, if you haven’t seen it yet, here is the rest of that presentation. Some more interesting stuff in here and I hope you enjoy it.


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A Taste of Karaite Judaism In 30 Minutes or Less (Part 1)

Taste of KaraiteOn October 24, 2013, a group of 5-7th graders from a conservative synagogue visited Congregation B’nai Israel, the home of the Karaite Jews of America. This was my first presentation on Karaite Judaism in over a year. I was a bit rusty but it was good to get back in the saddle – even if my shirt collar was not behaving.

We recorded the presentation and it appears after the jump. Feel free to drop your comments below and let me know if there are things you’d want to see me incorporate into future presentations.

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November Book Review & Give-Away: The Karaite Jews of Egypt

I don’t believe I’d ever met Mourad El-Kodsi (at least not when I was old enough to remember), but everyone says he had a special spirit. Despite his failing health, he worked tirelessly to finish the Second Edition of his magnum opus, The Karaite Jews of Egypt (1882-1986). He passed away just a few months after the book went to print, and today his work is a must have.

The Karaite Jews of America has generously donated 18 copies of the book’s Second Edition for A Blue Thread’s November 2013 give-away.

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What Kind of Jew Are You?

בית כנסת רבי שמחהJewish social media is now abuzz discussing the implications of the latest Pew Survey on Jewish Americans. The Pew survey, in part, gathered intel on whether Jews identify themselves as Orthodox, Conservative or Reform. But there used to be another way to answer this very simple question: “What kind of Jew are you?”

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