I give a lot of talks on Karaite Judaism. I’ll provide links to them here.

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Amazing Matzah, Truly Bitter Herbs and Other Passover Customs of Karaite Jews

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She Speaks with Authority: The Religious Standing of Karaite Jewish Women from the Middle Ages Through Today.

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A Taste of Karaite Judaism in 30 Minutes or Less.  It ended up being 31 minutes.  For shame!  (These two videos are from the same talk – one leads to the other.)


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  1. Michael Craig Clark

    Shawn you have anything on the Book of Daniel?

  2. Michael Craig Clark

    In Ali’s COM on Daniel he says Prince Michael is an angel. ISN’T THIS ORAL TORAH OR CHRISTIAN BELIEF?

  3. Michael Craig Clark

    Moreover, I think books like Enoch etc. speak of Michael being an angel, but I didn’t think Karaites included those type of books as authentic to true Judaism.

  4. YS

    I came across your site by accident. You make reference a number of times to an article by my father, R. Boruch Helman.

  5. Noach

    Am looking for ten command plague for front door….any source here or in Israel ?

  6. I am enjoying your videos and it is opening a line of Jewish thinking for me. Thanks

  7. Elisheva

    Thank you for providing the videos.

    Can you provide an easily accessible Karaite Holiday calendar for us?
    Oh how helpful it will be.

    Thank you very much for the videos:)


  8. Ed T David Allwood

    I had the joy and delight to watch several of your videos.I am always enjoying your articles and videos. They are outstanding, you have given me a new insight on Judaism I never considered and wish to continue. I is there any way I can have contact with some one either like your self or in your community to become more affiliated with Karaite Judiasm on a one to one basis either through email or other means. I am looking forward to reading your book “As it is Written” I don’t know why but just feel now I cannot get enough of Karaite Judiasm.
    Thank you for becoming public with your faith it is wonderful and extremely enlightening.

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