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Karaite Fact Card 8: Karaite Matzah Recipe (and Photo Contest)

Now that Purim is behind us, most Jews* are starting to plan for Passover, which they will be observing from the evening of March 25, 2013 through the evening of April 2, 2013.

Check out this matzah recipe used by the Egyptian Karaite community – which I promise you is better than store bought matzah.  Okay; that’s not really saying much . . . but give it a shot.

Karaite Fact Card 8 (Front): Karaite Matzah Recipe Karaite Fact Card 8 (Back): Karaite Matzah Recipe

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Karaite Fact Card 4: This Year in Jerusalem

A friend of mine recently announced on Facebook that he was making aliyah. Someone commented that my friend was making all Karaites proud. This Karaite Fact Card discusses the early Zionist movement within the Karaite Jewish community.

Karaite Fact Card 4 (Front):  This Year in JerusalemKaraite Fact Card 4 (Back): This Year in Jerusalem

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Karaite Fact Card 3: Fringe Benefits

Perhaps I’ve taken for granted for too long that readers know why I chose “A Blue Thread” as the name for the blog. The name refers to the enduring Karaite Jewish practice of wearing blue fringes on the corners of our prayer shawls. Until recently, this practice was almost uniquely Karaite.

Check out the following fact card for more information.

Karaite Fact Card 3: Fringe Benefits (Front)Karaite Fact Card 3  Fringe Benefits

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Karaite Fact Card 2: Cheeseburgers and Paradise

As discussed yesterday, one implication of the different perspectives of Karaites and Rabbanites is that Karaites never understood God to have commanded the separation of milk and meat as practiced by most observant Jews today. This topic is addressed in the below Karaite fact card, which derives its name from the famous Jimmy Buffett song, Cheeseburgers in Paradise.


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Karaite Fact Card 6: Sight for Sore Eyes

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!

The new moon was sighted on November 15, 2012 in multiple locations throughout the Land of Israel. In future months, we expect to interview someone with tremendous experience sighting the new moon. In the meantime, check out this fact card.

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Karaite Fact Card 1: What is Karaite Judaism?

We are happy to announce the publication of a series of Karaite fact cards. Each card provides a light and easily digestible introduction to various topics in Karaite Judaism. We’ll make a print set of the cards available in the coming months; for now, please enjoy a digital version of the first card in the series.

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