Karaite Fact Card 1: What is Karaite Judaism?

We are happy to announce the publication of a series of Karaite fact cards. Each card provides a light and easily digestible introduction to various topics in Karaite Judaism. We’ll make a print set of the cards available in the coming months; for now, please enjoy a digital version of the first card in the series.

The Torah on the front of the card is located at Congregation B’nai Israel, home of the Karaite Jews of America. I understand that the scroll is several hundred (perhaps as many as 800) years old and came from one of the Karaite synagogues in Egypt. 

The front of the card was adapted from a photo taken by Chai Edgerly of Chai Portraits and the card was designed by Jason Sutherland.


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8 Responses to Karaite Fact Card 1: What is Karaite Judaism?

  1. Stan Davids

    what is there about the Sefer Torah that might make it recognizably Karaite?

    • Hi Rabbi Davids,

      I will have to look into this and get back to you, and perhaps do a full post.


    • Hi Rabbi,

      I have looked into this extensively. Nothing in this scroll is recognizably Karaite (or Rabbanite for that matter). Most scrolls penned by Karaite scribes are indistinguishable from those penned by Rabbanites. Some Karaite scrolls include vowels, but most would not. As to this scroll, I do not know whether it was from a Rabbanite or a Karaite scribe.


  2. Laurel Hurst

    🙂 Flashcardmachine.com ??

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