Karaite Fact Card 4: This Year in Jerusalem

A friend of mine recently announced on Facebook that he was making aliyah. Someone commented that my friend was making all Karaites proud. This Karaite Fact Card discusses the early Zionist movement within the Karaite Jewish community.

Karaite Fact Card 4 (Front):  This Year in JerusalemKaraite Fact Card 4 (Back): This Year in Jerusalem

As with all Karaite Fact Cards, the layout of this card was designed by Jason Sutherland.


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3 Responses to Karaite Fact Card 4: This Year in Jerusalem

  1. I have a huge desire to know under what law of return he is making Aliyah. Is he Jewish born (mother or father)? Is he returning due to conversion to Karaite Judaism? Just wondering if there is a chance for me.

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