The Karaite Press’ Shidduch Guarantee (20% off)

This Book Will Not Affect Your Shidduch Chances: GUARANTEED

Look, I get it. You live in a community of observant Rabbanites. You’ve all heard of Karaites, but none of you really knows too much about us, except: “HERETICS!” Or maybe: “HERETICS!” Or how about: “HERETICS!”

I know that in many respects this is more sociological than theological. So, I’m going to make you an offer you can’t refuse.

I was messaging an observant Rabbanite recently about why more Rabbanites haven’t bought our books. He said the books are priced right. So the only thing he could surmise is that these Rabbanites are worried about how these Karaite books would affect their shidduch (i.e., matchmaking) chances.

I am so confident that the books sold at will not hurt your shidduch chances, that I am offering the most ambitious guarantee ever.

If you buy a book from between now and whenever you get married and you are denied a shidduch because of it, I will give you 50% off your next purchase from The Karaite Press.

Here are the terms:

  1. At checkout, you need to use the discount code: Shidduch   (This discount code gives you 20% off.)
  2. You need to provide an official note from a shadchan or shadchanit that (i) you are being denied a shidduch and (ii) your purchase of books from was the proximate cause of that denial.

That’s it. If you do those things, you’ll get your 50% off.

Below, I am linking to our most recent book, but the discount code (Shidduch) works for all book and the deal is good for any book purchased between now and your wedding.



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5 Responses to The Karaite Press’ Shidduch Guarantee (20% off)

  1. Keren De Torno

    Is this an example of Chutzpuh? ROFLOL!

    I bought two entire sets of the available Karaite texts as contributions to add to the local Orthodox and the local Conservative Observant Rabbinites Synagogues Lending Libraries that I frequent.
    Last time I checked the sign out cards to see how much interest they were attracting, no one had taken a book home. Perhaps they peruse them while sitting in the library waiting for their children to finish their bat or bar mitzvah coaching session which mostly consists of HOW to READ a Torah parashah in Hebrew. We do all share the same TORAH that all Jews share, with Acknowledgement of the exact same G-D, but because we apply pashat and apply and study any similarly used Hebrew root words to determine our own meaning of that line in a parashah, instead of just following another manmade written rabbinic text with their interpretations, we are heretics???? Nah! That would be Chutzpuh!

    • Arnie Wolf

      Dear Ms. De Torno

      You state that as we share the same Torah, like all Jews, but attempt to determine our meaning of thine in a parashah.

      I believe that your position may be answered in Job 32:7-9

      “I thought, “Let age speak; Let advanced years declare wise things.”

      But truly it is the spirit in men, The breath of Shaddai, that gives them understanding.

      It is not the aged who are wise, The elders, who understand how to judge.”

      If G-d proposed this Job’s text, then it is He who at everyone’s first breath was gifted with the ability to understand His Torah/Tanakh. It is not the imagination of the sages and rabbis who used their imagination to lead the people away from G-d.

  2. Keren De Torno

    Want to know what makes us Karaites, KARAITE ???
    Enroll and learn about us and our beliefs and practices in this 3 Part Course Taught by Shawn Lichaa
    via Judaism Unbound

    You can read more and register here.

    I have broadcast and sent this out to the Jewish Federations in my region.

  3. Mr. Lichaa
    I have watched several of your YouTube presentations on Karaite Judaism. I have had a question for which the Rabbis have provided no viable ideas of why Hashem created this universe and our existence.

    Does the Karaite community have any concept for His prime purpose of this universe’s genesis?

    Thank you


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