Learning 3: A Karaite Perspective on the High Holidays

How many of these rituals are what the Torah intended?

May you reach the end of the holidays and rejoice for completing them. In case you were not able to join us for the live webinar, my latest learning has been posted to YouTube. And is also embedded below.

In this talk you’ll learn: 1) Whether we are commanded by the Torah’s text to blow a shofar; 2) What the Jewish sages said about the connection between Yom Teruah and Yom Kippur; 3) What are we supposed to do with those “four species”, and 4) what Biblical holiday has Simhath Torah overshadowed.



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2 Responses to Learning 3: A Karaite Perspective on the High Holidays

  1. Keren De Tornos


    Shawn, In the learning 3 presentation you cited a reference to the Yom Teruah opinion of Yacob ben Reuben stating there are two answers to the reasons for it to be a shouting rejoice on this day and not a blowing of horns. (see youtube 28:35 for reference).
    That it is for ALL to rejoice on this day, including the clean and the unclean.

    Please expand your understanding on what is inferred here by all, both “clean” and “unclean”.

    and, could you please post this on the blog so all can read this reply to this question.

    Thank you.

    • Great question. This was the text of Yefet ben Eli. I think what is this:

      Only pure people could enter the Temple, so the fact that this holiday is everywhere and in every city means that even the impure can participate in this commandment – and it is an important commandment given its proximity to Yom Kippur.

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