Karaite Quote of the Week: Sahl Ben Matsliah (10th Century)

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  1. Thomas Winchester

    “…solid proof and that which seems reasonable to you.” Yes! This is referring to the ‘Natural Law’; that can be validated as sure as 2+2=4. This simple math formula was a true principle of the creation even though you did not realize it until you were shown it. Once brought to your attention the evidence of it’s truth is irrefutable. The ‘Natural Law’ is equally a principle of the science of the Creator as is mathematics.
    Being made in the image of the Creator means we all have the capability of understanding His ‘Natural Laws’ of righteousness and justice. Those who are more adept at understanding; because of natural ability, age, experience, and study; are what the Torah describes as elders and judges. Who are acknowledged by We The People; being only those who seek to be the image of the Creator (righteous and just).
    The written Torah is a tool for this education and is also a codification of ‘Natural Law principles for a covenant. On the other hand, Man-made religion and government; with their s0-called ‘positive laws’; are a direct contradiction to the synonymous principles of Torah, Natural Law, and the Creator’s image of righteousness and justice.
    Barukh attah Yahuweh Elohaynu; Who is echad!

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