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Lessons from a Seven Year Old (and Forgiveness for the Thinker)

Non-Karaites examining a fruit

This past week, my seven-year-old son saw my Twitter feed and read the words “A Blue Thread.” I then, for the first time, told him I had a blog in which I write about Karaite Judaism. I showed him my recent post on Yah Zimrati. His eyes lit up.

And his response reminded me why I started this blog. And it has nothing to do with take-downs of anti-Karaite “thinkers” (no matter how popular those posts are).

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There are Dozens of Us! Dozens!

Tobias Funke: Not a Karaite - but likely can relate. (Source:

Tobias Funke: techellet dying accident?

With apologies to Arrested Development . . . Perhaps there are more Karaites out there than the world is ready to acknowledge.

A week ago, I had occasion to spend Shabbat at the house of an orthodox Rabbanite family in San Jose, CA. When I arrived on Friday afternoon, one of my wonderful hosts began to tell me about an amazing occurrence.

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