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Chronicling an ‘Error’ in the Karaite Siddur

Let’s look at this highlighted line.

I recently discovered something beautiful. There is an error in the traditional Karaite siddur. It may sound strange to call an error beautiful, but I really mean it. The Karaite community has gone to great lengths to preserve – what is in my opinion – the wrong side of a mostly obscure debate over a single letter in a word in the Book of Chronicles.

I only first understood that this debate even exists two months ago, as I was working on a learner’s edition of the erev shabbat prayer book for the American Karaite community.

You can also give me your opinion on what I should print in this new edition of the siddur, by voting in the reader poll.

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A Place for Rabbinic Thought in Karaite Literature?

Just finished Professor Goldstein's book. An excellent read about a little known Karaite text, the Talkhis.

Just finished Professor Goldstein’s book. An excellent read about a little known Karaite text, the Talkhis.

Karaite Judaism is often described as “anti-Rabbinic.” I prefer the term “non-Rabbinic”, even though there was plenty of “anti” in the early Karaite movement.

Today, I look at something that may appear incongruous: Rabbinic thought in Karaite literature.

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