Purim 2019: Nailed it!

“There was light and joy . . . ” Happy Purim, Everyone

That’s a wrap on Purim 2019. Yes, I said that right. Purim is over. I’m not talking about Purim Katan. I’m talking about the real deal – the actual holiday of Purim. Purim of Adar I. The only Purim that I have ever really been into. And the Karaite Jews of America had quite an extravaganza.

So much so that maybe next year we will plan a shabbaton around it.

For those who don’t know Karaites always celebrate Purim in Adar I, whereas, in leap years, our Rabbanite brethren celebrate Purim in Adar II (and some observe Purim Katan in Adar I).

The weekend started off with Erev Shabbat Services and singing – including two beautiful Purim songs (available on iTunes; Google Music and YouTube (below)).

On Yom Shabbat, the Karaite Jews of America had a community megilla reading. I don’t mean that the megilla was read to the community. I mean that it was read *by* the community. Almost 30 different readers participated in reading Megillat Esther in a mishte (drinking party) of sorts. Thankfully from my perspective, there was virtually no drinking.

The youngest “reader” was just over four years old, the second youngest reader was seven-and-a-half years old and the oldest reader was well into his eighties. It was quite a diverse group of participants, from people who were born into Karaite families, to people who married Karaites, to people who accepted upon themselves the covenant of Sinai, to an ordained (non-Karaite) rabbi.

The reading was a fun and I am proud to say that my mom, my dad, my son and I all participated. This was not lost on one of the attendees, who praised us for three generations of readers. (Mad props to Nir and Priel for creating more miracles with this amazing activity.)

I myself practiced reading from my copy of Esther Explained. And by listening to Rotem Cohen’s rendition of the Haggadah (see below).

On Sunday, our we had our first Purim party back in our synagogue. Kudos to Rachel M and others for planning a great event. Here are some pictures.

Leah F. and Nir N. give a traditional Karaite High Five in honor of Leah’s awesome megilla reading.


Rabbi . . . er Chef Susan, whose Megilla reading inspired


Gathering the crowd to read Simhu Bene El Neeman




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5 Responses to Purim 2019: Nailed it!

  1. Judy Eisner

    First time I am hearing this. I am curious why Karaim say brachot.

  2. Henry Mourad

    For the first time in my life (73 years old now), I participated in the Meguila reading. I enjoyed the contest tremendously. WOW what an event.
    Thank you Nir and Priel for arranging the event and for all the efforts that went into planning it. We must learn from the joy of this year and continue this tradition in future years.
    Congratulations to Ruven for winning the prize.

  3. A dawg

    Why do Qaraim use the ‘star of David’ symbol when as everyone knows, it was never Biblical? This IMO is an example of how your movement got desperate and started importing more stuff that doesn’t actually fit the integrity of the hermeneutic, when it lost the format war to the Rabbanites.

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