Karaite Fact Card 12: The Shawarma Boycott

Fact Card 12 Shawarma Front

At the encouragement of some friends, I turned some of my most popular posts into fact cards. Here is Karaite Fact Card 12 – regarding the fact that most traditional Shawarma is not kosher according to biblical standards.

Check it out here. I’ll find a way to give away these fact cards to readers in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!




Fact Card 12 Shawarma Front















I would like to thank Jason Sutherland for designing these awesome fact cards. For a close read of the image, click on the file.


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7 Responses to Karaite Fact Card 12: The Shawarma Boycott

  1. Sarah

    Had NO idea…..I love these postcards! Shabbat shalom!

  2. J

    In Lev 7:25 isnt it only talking about the fat of the animal that is offered
    as an offering?

  3. Amani

    NOOO. I have to check my doner places to see if they have sheep fat.
    It is only sheep fat, right?

    • Yes; only sheep’s tail (or fat tailed sheep); but the problem is that most doner places are not serving kosher meat anyway. And if you have a kosher doner place, please let me know.

  4. Yisrael Kohen

    Just curious, would Israeli shawarma be kosher if it’s not using lamb fat ? Honestly I have not seen the fat at the top of shawarma here.

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