August Book Review, Interview & Giveaway: Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence

Shattering Conspiracy CoverToday, A Blue Thread launches our Fall 2013 Book Club – yes, I know it’s still summer –and I thought the perfect place to start was with a book review, interview and free giveaway of 10 signed copies of Nehemia Gordon’s latest book, Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence: The Hebrew Power of the Priestly Blessing Unleashed.

I first met Nehemia in person some 20+ years ago at a camp hosted by the Karaite Jews of America, and I spent a few years with him in the Karaites Yahoo Groups forum in the late 1990s and early 2000s. I credit that forum with re-awakening my Karaite passion, so it is particularly fun for me to catch up with Nehemia about Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence.

The central theme of the book is Nehemia’s search for God’s personal name. But it is also a wonderful memoir about Nehemia’s relationship with his father, Rabbi Robert David Gordon, in whose memory Nehemia dedicates the work. Nehemia describes how he and his father did not always see eye-to-eye on religious matters after Nehemia became a Karaite.

I was moved to tears reading about Nehemia’s last visit to his ailing father so that his father would give Nehemia his blessings. As Rabbi Gordon had done so many times before, he recited the Priestly Blessing over his son.

I had taken the Priestly Blessing for granted prior to reading Nehemia’s book. To me it was just a prayer some old man would recite at the synagogue – in my case, a Karaite synagogue. But the book unpacked the meaning of the Blessing line by line.

According to Nehemia, the power of Blessing lies in the name of God, as is evident from the words of the Torah: “And they [i.e., the Cohanim/Priests] shall place My name upon the Children of Israel and I shall bless them [i.e., Children of Israel].” (Numbers 6:27.)

Nehemia argues that God’s personal name is “Yehovah,” and the book cites numerous sources in support of his view. “The way I look at it,” explains Nehemia, “on the Day of Judgment, I want to be able to tell God why I called Him by a particular pronunciation of His name.” Nehemia suggests that the advantage of his approach is that it is rooted in the “Hebrew manuscripts preserved by the same scribes who preserved the rest of Scripture for us.”

But in true Karaite fashion, Nehemia encourages everyone to investigate the issue for himself. In fact, Nehemia’s book surveys some of the historic and current Karaite views on the pronunciation of God’s name, and even cites Daniel al-Kumisi’s admonition against relying on teachers of the Exile. (See here and here.) “This is why I present the textual evidence and let people decide for themselves,” says Nehemia.

The pronunciation of the Divine Name is a controversial topic in Jewish circles, because, for at least the last 1800 years, Rabbinic Judaism has banned people from speaking the name. And as far as I’m aware, Karaites have not had a tradition of speaking the name for about 1000 years.

Yet, even against this backdrop, Nehemia informs me that one of his close friends (an ultra-Orthodox lady in Jerusalem) found the book uplifting, inspiring and respectful to her Rabbinic tradition – though she adheres to the modern-day Rabbinic consensus against speaking the name. And my discussion of portions of the book at the Karaite synagogue in Daly City, CA has been well-received – even though the members of that community tend not to say God’s personal name.

Nehemia, for his part, has never been shy to go it alone, especially in matters of religious significance. Nehemia identified himself as a Karaite at age 12, when he thought he was the only Karaite in the world. (This was before the days of the Internet.)

As for what’s next for Nehemia, he is about to depart to China for a year and will be teaching English to junior high school students. Although this is way outside his comfort zone, he is “ready for a new challenge in life.” Nehemia intends to continue teaching Torah online in a series of Video Blogs from China.

* * *

A Blue Thread is giving away ten copies of Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence, generously donated and signed by Nehemia, and A Blue Thread will even cover the shipping. To be eligible for the giveaway, simply comment on the post below. Your comment could be anything from “Choose me!” to “I disagree with Nehemia’s conclusion.” I’ll hold a random drawing on August 12th, and will notify the winners via email. My only hope is that after you read the book, you will post your thoughts to the comment section below. (If you’ve already read the book, feel free to do so now and also on the Amazon purchase page for the book. Clicking on the name of the book in the first paragraph above will send you straight there.)

If you miss out on this give-away, fear not. You can purchase this book online.  And we intend to do a similar give-away with another book next month.

[Note:  For various reasons, I had to push the drawing back from August 8th to August 12.]


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  1. I personally hold to a more Pharasiac view of Yeshua, rather than a Karaite view, though I do respect Mr. Gordon’s opinions 😉

    • Charles Larson

      I’ve read a number of nehemia books. Great! I respect his work greatly. Thanks for the chance to acquire a copy of my favorite.

  2. Dave Dormer

    A great giveaway! Choose me please! 🙂

  3. Havent read this one yet from Gordon

  4. Evelin Carr

    I agree with Nehemia, because of the evidence he and Keith Johnson are presenting. I live in Germany. If shipping is too expensive, let me know. I’ll pay for it if you can’t.

  5. Fred

    Awesome book that provides so much needed insight into the conspiracy & unlocking the power of God’s name for all who want to know Him more.

  6. Deb

    This book is awesome! I’ll take a signed copy and pass my copy along to someone else!! 🙂

    • Zvi

      Within two years, if YHWH wills, Hakham Ya`aqov ben Yisra’el will submit to peer-review his article arguing for a different version of Elohim’s Name, and as far as I know he has already dealt with N. Gordon’s arguments in favor of ‘Yehovah’ and shown why they fall short.
      N. Gordon will be in for the surprise of his life. :))

  7. Linda

    waving my hand …. oooooo pick me pick me

  8. This would be a great book to have! I hope to get a copy 🙂

  9. sandy hudson

    I think it sounds like an interesting read. I’m not sure about anyone knowing the Name however I am willing to keep an open mind.

  10. Ilan

    May the Creator open this to all souls!! Many blessings & Light!!

  11. Carol Winkelman

    Nehemia is a principled, compassionate scholar of Torah, and I want to read this book from cover to cover!

  12. interested in learning the blessings found within the prayer as well as knowing more about the Karaite view of the spiritual world. I’ve never read any of Nehemiahs books, but would like to….. 🙂

  13. Kim

    Nehemia has blessed us all with his writings! What he & Keith have done together is make history! Please pick me! 🙂

  14. Baruch Habba Beshem Adoni <blessed is he who comes in The name of Adoni . Nehemiah is blessed .

  15. Saw Nehemia’s post on Facebook for a chance to win his book. I started reading it on kindle, the free sample but would love to own and read the actual book. I do have two other of his books on kindle as well but right now can’t afford to purchase this one. Thank you for the chance to win this one. Sincerely, Brenda

  16. Oh, I would love to read his book! 😀

  17. I totally disagree with that Karate Jew! Oh wait, that’s me!

  18. Staci Hardy

    I can’t wait to read this for myself! Your review moved me, I’m sure the book will.

  19. I have just become “friends” on FB with Nemehia Gordon, and his Karaite views. I am very intrigued.
    I have begun studies of his previous writings.
    I would like to be a recipient of his new book. Thank you.

  20. I can’t wait to read this book.

  21. David Nitsche

    Yes, I’m in, I would like to see if Nehemia deals with the the character of G_d from a Deut. 31 context.

  22. Zvi

    Does N. Gordon plan to conduct the Aviv searches in the next decades, notwithstanding the fact he will stay in China for a year and presumably move thereafter to other places?

  23. Dara Hamm

    I hope I win this book! I love listening to Nehemia on Truth2U & I’ve read several of his books. I love seeing his heart to obey Yehovah’s Word! He truly has a gift for teaching as well!

  24. Brenda

    I highly regard Nehemia’s scholarly approach to all his work and look forward to this latest work. His insight in many studies I have been reviewing is spot-on.

  25. Sarah Brewster

    Blessings Nehemia.

  26. Stephen Jarrard, evangelist

    Jn.17:25-26 ” O righteous Father, although the world has not known thee, yet I have known thee; and these have known that Thou didst send Me; and I have made Thy name known to them, and will make it known; that the love wherewith Thou didst love Me may be in them, and I in them.” Nehemiah, based on this verse I would be honored to receive one of your books so that I can learn more about the Fathers proper name as your studies have revealed. Maranatha!

  27. Matityahu

    Judging by the number of comments I guess I’ll have to buy the book!

    • Haha. We still have a few more days for people to enter, but yes everyone should consider buying the book if they don’t win. (There is also a kindle version, as a more affordable way to go for some.)

  28. John Lentz

    I would love to reflect the author’s light by reading his book & sharing what I glean from whence!

  29. Ann

    Pick me! Pick me!

  30. anetta bosch

    I have read, the Hebrew Yeshua vs, the Greek Jesus and A prayer to our Father. I am sure that this book will also be a blessing. Would jump for joy if I was chosen for a copy of the book ” Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence”.

  31. Cindy Smith

    I would love to win a copy of Nehemia’s book. It would be A blessing and honor to read this. Thank you for the chance.

  32. Jonathan Brown

    Very eager to dig into this matter further.

  33. Julie Girdner

    Would be a nice collection to my books by Nehemia…

  34. I have heard an opinion that God’s name should be pronounced Yahuwah. It encompasses all the letters YHWH. It will be interesting to see why it is pronounced Yahovah instead. If I am not mistaken though, didn’t the letter w come into existence after the letter v? Does that have anything to do with it? I greatly admire Nehemia and all that he is trying to accomplish. Thank you for the opportunity.

    • Hi Lorraine, Nehemia touches on this (briefly) in his book. But I will add that a Rabbi with the Aish HaTorah movement told me “the vav was never pronounced like a ‘w’.” He went on to explain his frustration that academics do everything they can to reconstruct these issues, but they never do (what in his mind was) the obvious thing – ask the Jews. (In any event, if you don’t win the book, I encourage you to purchase a copy either the kindle or the print.)

  35. DGUTH

    I read this GREAT book (Kindle version) and would really LOVE a signed paper copy to mark up. It was soooo good and I want to reread it a few more times. Totally agree with Nehemia and appreciate ALL his scholarly work and research which he brings us.

    • DGUTH, Thank you for the comment. I recommend you also add this comment to the Amazon book review/comments page. It is important for people to know how good the work is. (You can get to the amazon page by clicking on the link from the title of the book in the first paragraph.)

  36. Rose Mary

    Shalom. I would love to have this book. I was going to buy it when Nehemia and Keith came to our congregation to speak on it, but Nehemia took sabbatical and they never came, so I never bought it. :o( I have a number of his other books and always have found Nehemia and his writings to be challenging and well researched.

  37. Hi Nehemiah,
    I want the book, but, don’t we need to be from the cohen line to officially say the priestly blessing? I always feel weird when someone says it flipantly, without being “official”.

  38. tammy herzog

    there is power i his name!

  39. I’m excited about this book. Definitely would like a copy.

  40. Sandy

    I love and respect everything Nehemiah does.

  41. Debra aka Devora Forsman

    ok I loaned the only copy I had to a friend. The last time I did this with something it didn’t come back home for a very long time. Nehemia I need that copy you promised me. lol…I would love it to be signed by you..This is Devora aka Debra Forsman. Maybe I can win one of these. My friends keep asking to read mine. They even ask for the copy of the manuscript so they can read it. I refuse to loan it out. lol..never! If I do not win this then I guess I will be forced to purchase a new copy. Either way I really want it signed by the author. (((HUGS)))

  42. Margie Fizer

    Would love one!!!

  43. It would be so nice to win Nehemia’s book. I look forward to reading your blog, now that I have been introduced to it. Thanks!

  44. maurice

    But God prefers the nickname ‘ehyeh asher ehyeh’.

    • Hi Maurice, there are many titles and “nicknames” for God in the Tanakh. Nehemia discusses a great many of these. There is even a cool scene in which Nehemia discusses titles versus the actual name with an orthodox Jew.

  45. Jeanne

    I totally respect the work that Nehemia has done with his other books. He gave me permission to use Yehovah’s name as I was being taught it was taboo to do so. Using scripture convinced me Nehemia was given this knowledge by the Creator of the Universe himself. Always keep an open mind and keep searching those scriptures for those pearls of wisdom. Through reading the books ‘The Hebrew Yeshua vs. the Greek Jesus’ and ‘ A prayer to our Father, Nehemia had shown me that I would not turn to salt if I used Yehovah for the name of our Father. I thank Nehemia for showing me that and I hope Yehovah continues to use him to bring salvation to all peoples.

  46. Ground breaking, biblical instruction delivered as only Nehemia Gordan can do! Enjoyed the book, learned a ton, then mailed it to a friend only to have the USPS loose it and deliver an empty package. Sorry Josse! 🙁

    • Hi Jim, thank you for the comment. I recommend you also add this comment to the Amazon book review/comments page. It is important for people to know how good the work is. (You can get to the amazon page by clicking the link from the title of the book in the first paragraph above.)

  47. Dale Miller

    “The Name” as at first, I was told it was “HaShem” in Hebrew…of which I have the repect for, a longing to understand the true meaning of His Name..searching in the Tora to compare in the book of Sh´mot-Exodus:chapt+er 3:13-15. It is the “plain meaning” within the Tora that we should abide by…as it says in D´VARIM-Dt.4:2. As it it repeated in Isaiah-YESHA´YAHU chapter 43:3 and verse 11. Yes, to learn as it is spoken in Proverbs 22:17-21. i would like to read this and add to my learning. Thank you… Shawn

  48. I love Nehemiah’s FB posts and would love to read his book.

  49. CurtisL

    I want one!

  50. O, me…Me…over here! Me! 🙂

  51. Brett Duncan

    Thank you for your work Nehemia!

  52. Art Phillips

    Choose me!

  53. sherre Carter

    We’ve just started a Torah home group on Shabbat, there is 15 of us and young adults. We are looking for a book to study. Torah is first!! But our first issue is the name of God!! Please pick us, as we will all benefit from your teaching!! Shalom

    • ngordon4

      Hi Sherre, That’s so exciting to hear about young people studying Torah. Contact me through my website and I’ll send your group some free study materials even if you don’t win.

  54. Ryan Gomez

    I’ve always appreciated Nehemia’s work. Being of a jewish background who wasn’t raised in a jewish upbringing, his work has inspired me to rediscover Yehovah and where I actually come from and having read his previous material such as “Hebrew Yeshua vs. Greek Jesus”, I have no doubt that this will be a revelation to Jews, Christians and non-religious folks alike! Regardless if I get his donated copy or not, whoever does will be severely blessed.

  55. Jeffery Roger Rolling Thunder Justice

    Thank you, and Blessings from Yehovah! Nehemia…

  56. I can’t wait to read it!

  57. Laurie Rouleau

    I would love to read your book!

  58. Jo Pusard

    I like Nehemia’s bookd. He truly studies all he can to gain insight and then shares what he’s found to let people to decide for themselves. I haven’t read the one but it sounds interesting.

  59. Heidi Meyer

    I once started a thread on a private message board that I titled “in defense of His name” out of frustration with my friends calling Him Lord and God.It was the first of a series of posts that started my spiral away from christianity to where I am today, a follower of Yehovah. I would love to read this book!

  60. I’ve read other works by Nehemia and would love to read this as well.

  61. Daniel

    I’m really keen to read this book. It sounds really interesting!

  62. Nigel

    Great article. This is one of those books that I really want to read.

  63. Judy Clemons

    I would love to read this book. Nehemia on FB either makes me laugh or provokes me to think.. either way is a good thing.

  64. I agree,ahd I’ve always appreciated Nehemia’s work

  65. joe

    Is Gordon a Cohen?

    Interestingly enough Al-Kumisi warns against reciting the name.

    • Hi Joe,

      Kumisi does indeed warn against saying the name. Nehemia addresses this in the book. Nehemia says that what Kumisi says in that letter changed his (Nehemia’s) life.

      I hope you and others grab a copy of the book even if you don’t win the drawing.


  66. Norm Eby

    I appreciate the way that Nehemia teaches on the Word of God – and that the final say is always that Word not someone’s opinion or ruling

  67. I am very poor and disabled and would very much enjoy a free copy of this book. Alas, it is random and I never win when I gamble… God bless and Shalom.

  68. Great book! Have read and passed it on to someone else, wouldn’t mind another one 🙂
    It is a fascinating book that captures the reader, and I found it hard to stop reading. My wife found it before I was done and we had a stand off as to whom was to read and whom had to wait. So the book had two bookmarks as we ended up compromising.
    highly recommend it, for what it is worth.

  69. Mikey

    Sure why not!

  70. Martin M. Macias

    Shabbat Shalom! I hope your book club goes well.

  71. Peggy Miller Cunningham

    I would love to win an autographed copy. I already have this book, and if I win I will happily donate mine to the local library.

  72. Ken

    Would love to read and share this book with others. Thank you so much for the great give away!!

  73. Sara Trout

    I’ve been blessed to read some of Nehemiah’s works. Would truly appreciate a copy of this one!

  74. Christy Jensen

    I have had the immense pleasure of getting to know Nehemiah some over the past few months, what great teacher! YEHOVAH has given him a unique passion and ability to seek the truth, find the truth, and share the truth! He is able to retain intricacies of scriptual witnesses that uphold his findings, dispel false teachings, all by using ancient Hebrew and cross referencing other scriptures that relate to the same topic! I am always blessed and encouraged by his ability to relay the truth to others in a way that is easy to understand. He is a true gift and I hope he will continue to be a beacon of hope for others trying to get to the truth! So often it has been hidden by men trying to promote their agenda in their translation of scripture. I will miss you friend. May YEHOVAH bless you! We all want you over for Spaghetti night when you get back! 🙂

  75. piper Kelly

    please pick me!

  76. I recently read this book and I have read all of Nehemia’s books. As usual, he gets the details right but misses the big picture.

    It seems that no one in the modern world understands the point of the Tanakh. There are basically two types of Jews; liberal Jews who are the equivalent of the Baal worshipping Jews in the Tanakh, and religious Jews who can’t see the forest through the trees. The religious Jews get the details right but miss the point of the Tanakh which is made quite clear by the prophets, and this point is morality. In this book, Nehemia focuses on one detail, God’s name, as though this is somehow critical. But in fact it is clear that Jews knew and used God’s name correctly during the time of the prophets which was a time of moral decay which God condemned. In other words, God’s name didn’t do them the least bit of good.

    I would rate the book 4 out of 5 stars because it is well written and interesting. But ultimately it is irrelevant in our times which are very similar to the time of Isaiah.

  77. Larry Sterner

    One should observe Jehovah’s appointed times by the Aviv Calendar not the false pre calculated Calendar of the Rabbinics , since this is how Jehovah identifies who his people truly are. By the way did the Yom Kippur war really happen on Yom Kippur? Everybody will learn the Sovereign Gods Name on Judgment Day. Jehovah or Yehovah both sound alike when everybody shouts together.

  78. Susan Frisbey

    What would be the chances of winning a copy of this book? It is on my “Yes, I have wants” list that is posted on the Fridge. Looking forward to not only owning a copy of this book, But, reading it, over and over….

  79. Chris Paden

    I would love to have the book, It would teach me alot!

  80. Love your books and cant wait to get a copy of this one also.

  81. JOHN


  82. Sumor

    I would like Nehemia’s book!

  83. Yiska Ivri

    This sounds like a great book!

  84. Onecia George

    Sounds like an interesting book. I’ve looked into the name, but not so much the blessing. Nehemia’s perspective is always fresh.

  85. It has been a blessing to me to know our Father has a name.

  86. Nathaniel Muncie

    Looking forward to reading this book! 🙂

  87. alan buchta

    i have read Nehemia’s book and if you don’t ‘win’ one you should go buy it. you WILL NOT be disappointed and Nehemia will be Blessed.
    Praise YeHoVaH.

  88. Vern Miroth

    Sounds like another great book by Nehemia.

  89. I can see how the blessing can and should have an impact because it should help lead to a more personal relationship with our Father

  90. sanni opeyemi

    I have not read the book but would love to

  91. Ilan

    Searching For the Divine answer!!!There is none else besides him!!

  92. Bruce Hogan

    I believe the recovery of His Name is crucial to the end times in which we live. YHVH lift up His countenance upon you and give you His perfect peace. Thank you for writing, Nehemiah, and for donating. May the LORD reveal even more of Himself to you as you stay in His living Word.

  93. Terri Spradlin

    I would Love to read this book, I just can’t afford to buy it right now! It would be awsome if I could win it! Bless you!!!

  94. Mark Miller

    This guy rocks! Never have I met a man so in love with what he does.

  95. Mike S

    It would be interesting to learn how Nehemia came to the coclusion that the correct pronunciation of God’s name is Yehovah.

  96. robert prettyjohns

    wake up from amongst the dead and get to know about the blue thread

  97. piper kelly

    Pick me pick me! I think (fingers crossed) that mom is getting me this book for my birthday. If not, I need it. If she is, I will give it to my son for his birthday! Please pick me!

  98. Steve Hamburg

    Choose Me! Just kidding. I am a follower of Mashiach Yeshua and I have really enjoyed Nehemia’s teachings on Torah and where he has added insight into the newer writings known as the “New Testament”. He has been a blessing to us all.

  99. Sibyl Anderson

    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

  100. Jonathan Lankford

    I’d love to the book. Thanks for the drawing! YHWH bless!

  101. Yes, I want to win this book ! Thank you !

  102. RJ

    I would love a copy of Nehemiah’s Book. Thanks for the drawing… 🙂

  103. I would love a copy of your book, Nehemia.

  104. Ken Soderlund

    A very interesting subject. Definitely want to read the book.

  105. James Scott

    I grew up in the Methodist church, but began keeping Shabbat in the early ’90s…It was given to me, to call upon His Name, YAWEH, about 7 years ago.
    One way or the other, I will read Nehemiah’s book.

  106. Linda Fitzner

    I love Nehemiah Gordon’s teachings and I would love to win this book!

  107. Igor Farkas

    Previous Nehemiah’s books ware awesome. I’m sure this one is awesome as well.

  108. I would very much enjoy researching Nehemiah’s book.

  109. Derek Reddekopp

    A great topic worthy of study. A must read!

  110. Well, I have always been interested in the study of the written torah, so anything that would further enhance my ability to grow is welcome.

  111. Zev

    I too adhere to the Rabbinic tradition, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be polite and respectful to other Jews who think differently.

  112. David Slick

    Wow the book sounds great!
    Can’t wait to read it!

  113. Jack Kauffman

    Nehemiah has been a great help in helping me understand Scripture. I can’t wait to read this book!

  114. Tzofiya

    Hello, I just have to say I love what your doing for people here on your blog “A Blue Thread.”, just brillant ….have 2 copiesof this book! I’m always lending them out. & people always go buy their own for their own libraries – seriously. This book is a keeper, once you start reading you will not put it down. To see how Mighty God has worked in Nehemia’s life , encouraged me to see He /God has always been there for me. And that missing piece of the puzzle, His Mighty Name -is so precious, & I’m soooo excited to have learned the “how’s” & “whys” in history as to what happened to it. Nehemia is an awsome teacher! And he’s NOT boring. So now, I can say I to people, who ask me, how DO you know?- how CAN you be sure? I understand the history now. So I got to choose, to make an informed choice for me & my family. And so can you….whether or not you win, get this book – you’ll not be sorry. I hope Nehemia writes another book!:-)

  115. Joe A

    Nehemia’s previous books are all well researched and very interesting… I’m sure this one is, as well!

  116. Dana Filipeanu

    I want to read this book and then to express my opinion on the blog. Thanks

  117. Can’t wait to read this book!!

  118. cambra

    Still, I am unconvinced that this name craze is on point with the character of Yah. It is indeed a reference point by which we refer to Him. So, I guess technically it may be referred to as a name. People are just too anxious to wield power through this reference instead of attaining intimacy that comes with ‘knowing’ (the living ever existing G-d) and thereby speaking His name ‘panim a panim’. Intamacy that is the ligitemate result of being in league with, or in covenant with – this complex and facinating ever existent One.
    Not “the” L-rd, but (only) L-RD, for there can be none other.

  119. Peter Rodriguez

    I am very much interested in reading this book. Please choose me. Todah rabah.

    Peter (Kefa)

  120. I would like this gesture to be extended to the other of Nehemiah’s books, please. May YHWH bless you all.

  121. Paul Onovoh

    Thanks for posting this new book. I have followed Nehemiah’s insightful teaching for many years now, learning a lot, passing on whatever new explanations of scriptures he publishes to friends in our congregation. One of the most controversial topics has been the Holy Name. I belong to an Igbo Sabbath keeping and Torah observing group of believers founded in 1916 in Akwete, an ancient Igbo city in Southeastern Nigeria. A prophetic and evangelistic movement, we adopted the messianic Judaism mode of fellowship/worship. In order to keep this community of believers together, we agreed that it is more sensible to pronounce the Holy Name whichever way one chooses since in our religious culture the Creator God has many names. And this stance captures the essence of the Igbo proverb that says: “Onye a n’akpo oku mara aha ya.” Rendered, this means, “The One that is invoked knows His name.” In the light of this most brethren call the blessed Holy One: Hashem, Jehovah, Yahweh and Yehovah and actually some say Yahuwah. Well, we will keep believing that The Creator knows to answer His name when He is genuinely invoked! Shalom Aleichem.

  122. Bil Tessore

    As I plan to transcribe His Hallowed Name Revealed Again”, which Nehemia Gordon contributed a great deal to, I’d love to win this book and also make it available to other braille readers like myself. Shalom.

  123. I spent Shabbat in a hammock reading this book. (Thanks for making me tear up, Nehemiah!) I’vetold my friends and family stories from your book and have already given it to a friend at church. The truth shall set us free. Your journey into the spiritual realm has made a path for us to follow. Thanks for sharing and ‘write on brother’!

  124. Don Walls

    Learning–and using–our Father’s personal name is a remarkable experience. What would our human relationships be like if we only addressed each other as “man,” “woman,” or some other generic designation, rather than using our personal names? It certainly wouldn’t promote deep relationships! Thanks Nehemia for sharing this valuable information. And BTW Franklin, of course the name does no good if one isn’t following the paths of righteousness. Nobody is advocating that just saying Yehovah will magically override all unrighteousness.

    • Would someone please explain to me why someone so concerned about the Torah as Nehemia is doesn’t wear a tzitzit or some other symbol (a kippah would do) to set him appart from the immoral disgrace of modern culture?



  126. Jennifer Schmidt

    This book is incredible! It is very personal, but it is written for everyone who is interested in a deeper relationship with YHVH. I, too, am someone who has been “grafted into the root and fatness of the good, cultivated Olive Tree of (redeemed, believing remnant) Israel”, through Messiah Yeshua. Many say, don’t use the Name, but then, for me, that has been one reason that the generic word “God” has been used and abused by many to denote not just the Holy One, the Creator, YHVH, but any “god”…as in “the fatherhood of ‘god’, brotherhood of man” ideal of the Masons, New Age, etc. I am convinced that the Name of YHVH, Yehovah, is indeed, a “migdal oz”, a strong tower. It is not, as Nehemiah said, a magic potion type word. We just need to know the Name as we refer to Him before others. Just as in the natural world, if someone would have asked me what my dad’s name was, I would not have said, “well, dad, of course”. I would have said “Louis Isaac”. We also need to know for ourselves Who it is that we are addressing in prayer as “Our Father”.

    Some even go so far as to hyphenate the generic word “G-d”. Hmmm…

    Nehemiah’s book brought tears and laughter to me! It was easy to read, a page turner! You won’t want to miss a word! His heart is so tender toward the Father, and also was toward his own earthly dad, in spite of their differences.

    Thank you, Nehemiah. Thank you, also, for this thread. I ordered a couple copies of this book a while ago, and gave one away…now I need to give several others away, so choose me, choose me! 🙂

    So much more to say about the book and Nehemiah. I prayerfully considered what was in the book and I am convinced.

    Blessing and Peace,


  127. Phil Quinton

    Reading about how Nehemia’s father gave him the Blessing brought tears to my eyes.I believe it is from his love of family and of Yehovah he is able to connect with people around the world. His teachings have helped to better understand who my Heavenly Father is. I am a believer in Messiah, yes, but I continue to look forward to whatever the “Wandering Jewish Karaite” is doing or his next written project. He has helped to enlighten and bring to life the fullness of the Tanakh for my wife and I and we look forward to being ‘singed’ as often as he lights His Word up. Thanks, Nehemia.

  128. Gabriel Moskovitz

    This personal name of God which he first introduced to Moses was intended to personalize Him and distinguish him from being called El or Adonai or Elohim which are more general terms meaning God but are not a personal name. It seems that during the Biblical Period the name Yehova, (or however it was vocalized), was used and there was no restriction to its use provided it was not utilized in vain. Like most laws of Rabbinical Judaism, the prohibition to use this name, even in Prayer, was most likely to “distance a person from sin” and was, therefore, probably introduced sometime during the 2nd Temple Period.
    The prohibition stuck and today, even the Hebrew words for God (El, Elohim, Adonai), are not spoken casually but only in Prayer.
    Stay Well.

  129. Hello all and Blessings.
    I am a 49 year old Hispanic American, raise from birth under the Pentecostal (Christian) belief. I am an out cast from the Pentecostal churches as well as any Christian church, because of my way of worshiping. As a child I have learned that the New Testament have a certain way to worship. I have chosen to only worship my only true God Y’hova, because of my choosing I am an outcast from all Christian churches.
    As a child we have always used the named Jehovah in English and Spanish (Jehova). Leading me to believe that at one point such pronunciation was extracted perhaps from the Jewish faith. After doing research I understand that it may be possible that the Hispanic Puerto Rican Pentecostal faith may (a theory I am looking into…) have branched from Jewish faith, or taken it strong doctrine from the Jewish faith. I certainly will hope to read more about this new book (“Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence”) in the near future. I am sure the research will be of value to me.
    Respect to all and Be Bless.
    David Galeano

  130. Dot Olsen

    This book is terrific! I felt like I was in Nehemia’s pocket, taking the journey with him! I give away books all the time, would love to win books to be able to give them to others!

  131. I was born a Karaite to an almost secular family with no religious contacts with anyone lest it expose us as Jews in a part of the country where being a Jew was even less popular than being black…times have changed. The only thing I had was being circumcised which proved my Jewishness to me when my grandfather with whom we lived made known a couple of basic truths…which included YHWH and the blue thread and why they are missing and how actually important they are to all Jews!

    • Hi Keith, unfortunately, you did not win a copy of the book, but I hope to be a resource to you. Please let know if I can help. And when you say you were “born” a karaite, do you come from a Karaite Jewish family? A Rabbanite Jewish family that had karaite tendencies – even though they were secular?

  132. terry tanner

    If Nehemia wrote it i know he speaks truth. My copy of the hebrew yeshua vs the greek jesus is about wore out. It has been passed around to many men in the biblestudy i attend.

    • Hi Terry, I hope all is well. Unfortunately, you did not win a copy of the book. I encourage you to keep studying and it is great that you’re passing around his previous books. By the way, and I’m certain Nehemia would agree with me here, please verify for yourself all the information and opinions Nehemia (or any human) offers. Even those of us with the best of intentions make mistakes or reach conclusions that others might disagree with.

  133. Jon Gar

    Rabbinic Judasim has indeed felt themselves to be the the “only” true “traditonal” brand… much like many of Chrisitanity’s denominations “one and only” self-proclamation… Nehemiah’s book may be the crack in the wall toward understanding

  134. Hi there. I would like to have a copy of this book. I am unable to buy one. Thanks

  135. Kirk

    It would be nice to receive one of the books.

  136. Oh, I’d love to have a copy of this book! My husband and I have been seeking the truth…not tradition…for several years and Nehemiah has often been our source. It is so wonderful to know the correct pronunciation of our Father’s name! Nehemiah has even answered private messages a couple of times when I needed a specific answer. I haven’t been able to afford his books, though…so if my name is drawn, I’ll be so happy. If not, no worries…I’ll still be happy. 😉

  137. Re'uben Da'vid Lash

    Even so, not having read Nehemia’s book as of yet, I agree with him. I was
    raised in a conservative Jewish home, studied and was Bar Mitzvah Ortho
    dox and through further study, I have come into a personal relationship with
    ‘The Father’!1 The pronunciation that I personally choose is ‘YAHUWEH’
    and one of my instructors said to me; there are a number of different pro
    nunciations of the Name of The Father, so pick one that I would be com
    fortable with, not taking away from His authority and who He is!! No one
    knows how ‘YHWH’ pronounces His own Name as of yet, but the day is
    fast approaching and in His Word, He even says, “I have made known
    Your Name to my brothers; In the midst of the assembly, I praise You.”
    (Psa. 22:22)

  138. David Salas

    Looking forward to learning from the book.

  139. Kay

    This book would be interesting to read

  140. It is truly wonderful that a person earnestly seeks to know the actual name of ABBA, and say it publicly, considering that most would be afraid of taking his name in vain ~ Thank You!

  141. Kevin George

    Nehemia, though he is not a Christian himself, is a great treasure for Christians. My faith and knowledge of the Word has increased greatly since I first started following him online some 8 years ago. If I was a Jew, I would certainly be a Karaite because of his humble, yet scholarly approach to the scriptures.


    I am much appreciative of Nehemiah for “calling upon the name “.( Zep_3:9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the YHWH, to serve him with one consent.) And,would love a copy of his book. I have enjoyed the other books I have read of his very much. I won’t argue pronunciation.The division among the people over this is so sad,but in my humble opinion,know the character(shem) of HIS name is of the most importance (.Exo 20:7 You shalt not take the character of YHWH your Elohim in vain); When we say we are of HIM,we must represent HIS character, not evade calling HIS name.

  143. jeff burt

    Thank you blue thread for letting all torah lovers to share.
    Pick me .i enjoy all of what nehemiah has to say .he speaks
    Informed and without hidden agenda.his passion and now mine
    To make a informed choice on the name that sets apart the creator of the universe from the titles…….jb

  144. linda herbert

    Choose me- I am on a journey to discover Yah’s name myself. I love the approach Nehemiah Gordon uses in any of his presentations-here’s what I’ve discovered, now choose for yourself. I have also recently been faced with leaving a denomination who has chosen to state that the God they serve is one and the same with allah. So I need this book!!!!!

  145. Miriam Fauth

    I watched Nehemiah’s recent interviews , about using G-d’s name.i believe this is timely and very important. I need to learn more, and would love to read a copy of his book. Miriam Fauth.

  146. Donna Troudt

    I was really thrilled a year or so ago when I discovered Yehovah’s name, so according to the word of Yah when He says “call upon My Name” I no longer have to use the title of Lord or God. I want this book!

    • marsh

      It is also vitally important if we believe and accept that our creator intnded this to be His name that we will know Him by forever.

  147. James Gaul

    I know Nehemia knows Hebrew better than I do, but I respectfully disagree with him on this issue. I know of no other Hebrew word where the holem-vav is pronounced “O-V”; I only know it to represent “O”. Therefore, I believe the Divine Name to be pronounced Yah-Ho-Ah. That is the explanation I will give on judgement day – unless Nehemia convinces me otherwise before then

    • Joseph Dowell

      Shalom James,
      Depending on the edition of hebrew text with vowel points you look at their is several different ways to spell “The Name.” In my JPS edition of the Tenach there is no cholam in the spelling and in my Downloaded version from Artscroll has both a cholem and a qamats gadol on the same vav.

      There are several words that come to mind when talking about the “O” sound and the Vav. Mitzvot is a big one where the Cholam is seperate, but above, the vav.

      So my suggestion would be keep an open mind until you finish reading the book. 😀

      • Joseph, Mitzvot is a great example of a vav that serves both to mark a vowel and as a consonant. Hoveh is the most obvious example, the present tense (participle) of “to be”. Another slightly different sort of example is Avon (iniquity). In any event, it’s not clear that the vav has this dual function in the name Yehovah. The hay may have a cholam unrelated to the vav.

      • James Gaul

        Thanks for the input Joseph. I always keep an open mind. My spritual beliefs were wrong for most of my life, so I’m not looking to win an argument, just looking to get it right. Shalom

  148. I have read several other books by Nehemia and would love to have this one as well.

  149. Toni

    Since learning of my Jewish ancestry five years ago, which had been hidden from me for fifty years, I have searched high and low to find just what it means to call on the name of Yehovah. Thanks for writing this review of the book. It would be nice to have this book, and one way or another I plan to own a copy. Be blessed.

    • Toni, you did not win a copy, but based on your comment, I highly encourage you to purchase a copy and I highly encourage you look into other Jewish works. I hope my blog is a resource to you.

  150. Bob

    I might not agree with everything Nehemia says – but he is someone that i respect and pay attention to as I believe he genuinely has a heart to discover the truth.

  151. Cathy Black

    It sounds like a fascinating book which I would love to read

  152. It is a great book and I wouldn’t mind having a signed copy… I also wouldn’t mind if Nehemia would respond to my e-mail 🙂 Despite various criticisms from various sectors, it appears to me that Nehemia’s research is sound and supports the given conclusion and the various critics are more interested in supporting their own beliefs rather than finding the truth.

    I have found that some christian relatives of mine are reluctant to acknowledge the name of Yahowah — I think they are afraid if they acknowledge the name of Yahowah, that they will have to acknowledge other truths that would upset their christian social club and status quo.

  153. BILL

    I am fascinated to lean from your blog that God really has a name to be called by, instead of just God. I would really like a copy of this book to investigate this more. Shalom to you my brother.

  154. Gary

    Have not read the book as of yet. Your review has peaked my interest.

  155. Rinda

    I’d love to read this book!

  156. Rebecca Coleman

    I have really enjoyed watching Nehemia on YouTube. His teachings on the Name have changed the way I read the Bible and how I pray. I now replace the indeterminate titles God and Lord with the names Yehovah and Elohim. I have to explain it to friends when I am reading scripture outloud. I figure that the Creator knows what He wants us to call Him. He’s told us to call on His name, not a man made title. Nehemia’s writings and videos have been such a blessing to me.
    They have given me deeper insight into the Word. What fun! To be able to call on the Father and Author of all creation by His own name. Wow!

  157. Gary W.

    Thanks for chance to receive a copy of this book no charge! I look forward to reading this.

  158. Just purchased the book on by Kindle, as they are not offering it in real ‘book’ form, but I’d love a signed copy from Nehemia. Have read only the first few pages so far, but will go straight back to it when I finish typing this reply. Love it so far.

    Val Baxter.

  159. Richard

    Nehemia has given me very much to think about and consider in many ways. I think I have all of his books of the last few years.

    • Richard

      This subject requires great carefulness in my opinion, however.

      It would not be a good thing to have everyone casually or carelessly spouting off His Name.

      • James Gaul

        Shalom Richard,
        I strongly agree with you that no one should take “The Name” lightly; however, we are commanded to call upon His Name, and to do so, The Name must be made public – along with a stern warning.

  160. Sandra

    I am a senior on a fixed income who is so excited to find a way that I can receive a signed copy of this book by a man for whose Yahovah’s given linguistic abilities I have great respect. It is my prayer that this book, as well as his others written/coauthored about the name of YHVH will be spread far and wide. How do we call upon his name, which he tells us to do over and over by just saying “the name” instead of his actual name? Now is the time for us to understand this wonderful truth and Nehemia is the appointed and anointed one to do this. May you both experience daily the Priestly Blessing in your lives, as well as those who read this book.

  161. Thomas Ochoa

    I have followed Nehemia for several years and I would love to have this book. I did not know I was Jewish until I was in my fifties. I am grateful for many teachings from Nehemia. He is a great inspiration to me.

  162. Matt Weimer

    Choose me! I agree with Nehemia’s conclusion.

  163. Isabelle Cohen

    Shavua tov! 🙂

  164. I’m raised as a Jehovah’s witness (a Christian cult focusing much on the name Jehovah) – by paternal line I have Jewish ‘blood’. I’m very interested in Karaism and especially in that connection with the Divine Name. B”H

  165. Herman Kuun

    To my knowledge I am not Jewish. I have met Nehemia and respect his sincerity. Have read two of his books which I really found uplifting and would love to read the latest.

  166. Joseph Dowell

    I am a Gentile Believer in Yeshua but practice Judaism (and try to see how it was done 2000 years ago). I am currently studying for ordination and this would be a great addition to my growing library.

  167. “Choose Me” I am a Reform Jew who holds many of the same views as the author.

  168. Stephen Thompson

    I loved reading this book. It gave me greater insight into God’s holy name. I went out and bought several of the books he talks about just to see it in print myself. Coming from an orthodox Mormon background it fit and dovetailed with so many things that I believe. In so many ways, by reading this book, God became very personal to me. Thank you Nehemiah for sharing your gifts and talents you have added depth to my life. Shalom

  169. Dorothy Frederickson

    I am 76 years of age – but I’m not too old to learn. I would love to have a free signed copy of Nehemia’s latest book. A word of caution : to those ordering this book online, be sure to use Nehemia Gordon’s name because there’s another book available with a similar title: Outing: Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies) by John Dececco Phd and William A Percy (Jan 12, 1994)

  170. I am studying to learn/understand more of exactly what Yehovah, not man made religion, asks of His people. I look forward to reading this book.

  171. Marcia Miller

    I would surely LOVE a copy of this book. I feel Nehemia’s work is important.

  172. Trudie

    I have read this book and it is very informative, easy to read and to understand! I would recommend this book to anyone. My eyes were opened and Nehemia got me thinking and searching and questioning even more! I look to the scriptures to guide and lead me! This book I highly recommend!

  173. We would be more than happy to receive a copy, if there is one, of this book and read it with our children.

  174. I appreciate Nehemiah’s books and have a number of them but, the pronunciation of the tetragrammaton YHWH as Yehovah i am not totally convinced is correct. I totally believe we should us His name when ever we pray or think or talk about Aveenu Malkaynu but, i believe we still do not know the correct pronunciation. Although i do use the tetragrammaton in most communications, i tend to lean towards Yaweh, and some times Yehovah although this doesn’t have a consistence ancient Hebrew or Hebraic linguistic sound to it like most of the other names found in the Hebrew Scriptures. My opinion of course. Shalom u’vrakhot

  175. Dr Cornel Fleming

    Why would anybody want to be in effect nameless and be called “Hey You” or “Him there” or whatever?? A Name is there to be used to identify a specific person and I cannot think of anybody more specific!!

  176. Leah Todd

    Looking forward to reading it. Thanks for the revue.

  177. Greg Thumberger

    I have always enjoyed Nehemia’s works… and I would really like a copy of his latest book.

  178. Shimshon Dodayahu Mahalalyah

    I am a Karaite in California and tend to spend shabbat with my family these days. I was once a member of congregation B’nai Israel, but have found Nehemia’s post thought provoking.


  179. Ladell Neitzel

    When i make this comment, I am not trying to bring our Sovereign Creator down the humanity, but all I read in Torah shows me HE wants relationship and intimacy with HIS creation. There is nothing more endearing than for a person to call you by name. My heart longs to connect with my Creator in such intimacy, that I could use HIS name and not profane it in my use. There are many spirits out there, and I am trying to make a distinction WHOM i am referring to:)
    Shalom Blessings,
    Ladell Neitzel

  180. john williams

    Thank you for reviewing this book. It is nice to see Nehemia getting some of the recognition he so strongly deserves

  181. I love every book of Nehemia that I’ve read thus far…

  182. Lola Harrison

    Would love to join the book club and receive the book by Nehemiah Gordan. Look forward to it. Thand

  183. I would love to win a copy of Nehemia’s book. As a widow on a small pension, to win something is a personal blessing from YHWH!

  184. I forgot to mention that the uncloaking of the Aaronic Blessing is of primary interest to me. YHWH is actually probably pronounced Yahuweh, based on an understanding of Paleo Hebrew. But I would not be surprised to find out we were all wrong when we finally stand before our Creator in humble adoration!

    • Shalom Carol, a lady i know has spent quite a number of years studying the Paleo Hebrew and she believes based on the Paleo that it is pronounced Yeweh. Visit here site, she has I understand completed a thesis on the subject and has vasts amount of information on her web site.

    • Petra

      As i said earlier i am not convinced that the Masoretic text indicates a correct pronunciation of His name but that is just my personal opinion. I believe Yahweh or even Yehweh to be closer to the truth but, as you say we may never know until Yehoshua’s return, which i pray is sooner rather than later. Shalom u’vrakhot

  185. I love Nehemia what a fabulous man full of wisdom and his teachings are amazing. Can’t wait to read this book and hope that I am one of the ten for a signed copy. Many blessings!

  186. Gary Robison

    (any comment)

    • Gary Robison

      Looking through my emails, examining each one, looking for that one with my name. Seeing that I have not seen one yet, then I will just continue to eagerly await that hoped for reply that says Yes, I too am worthy to receivea book from Nehemia.

  187. I’d LOVE to have a copy!
    Thank you for offering this!

  188. Mark Dunn

    I purchased this book when it first came out. It was a book I wanted others to read too. So I donated it along with Nehemiah’s “A Prayer to Our Father” to the local county prison’s book cart. The righteous need not be called but sinners to repentance.

  189. Ron

    The interview made me even more encouraged to learn more and properly understand the Nam

  190. I also would love a copy. I’m mystified WHY a Karaite even accepts the Pharisee’s vowel-pointing + redefining of letters, all done in the Dark Ages? From analysis of the meanings of the ancient picture-letters, I clearly see Phoenician script to be the original Pre-Flood script of Audim. Therefore I see the correct English equivalents are “Y-HWE”. The alef missing from between the Y+H of Y-HWE, is the A+Th that left Heaven to become the human male “Good Seed” of AL, that entered into Audim in the grape that he ate. It enabled Audim to repent, and receive the 1,000 Earth-years-long “Day” of the A+Th, in which to serve out his death sentence. This also enabled our existence. Therefore the A – the living Ark of the Covenant, is missing from Y-HWE, throughout the whole 4,000 years of Tenac duration. Sounds of nature recorded in Hebrew letters as the names of creatures, are our only means of knowing the correct pronunciation as Audim knew them. No modern scholar can match that purity with any certainty, surely? I look forward to reading his case.

    • Hi Abraham,

      Thank you for your thoughtful note. Unfortunately you did not win a copy of the book, but i wanted to respond to this on some level. The Karaites and Rabbanites do not disagree as to the vowel pointing. And you can be certain that the Sadducees would not have let the Pharisees create their own vowel pointing. Nehemia has a section in the book that discusses the antiquity of the vowels/meaning.

      On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 4:29 PM, A Blue Thread

      • Thank you Shawnjoelichaa! – I understand that the vowel-pointing was added to the text between 600 and 1,000 CE: – well after Tenac times. So I’m still puzzled why the Karaites accept these additions to the text. Especially as the points indicate an array of English equivalents as true. Quite unlike ALuhim’s exactness in matters. I may be wrong but I understood that the Saduccees disappeared with the destruction of Jerusalem. Is this wrong?

  191. Bonnie Wills

    Having done my own research, I am very interested in what Nehemiah has discovered. I have found that including His name in my daily prayers has brought blessings to my life!

    • Shalom Bonnie, I’m not discounting this but what He does say is that keeping His commandments brings blessings, so if you’re doing according to what YHWH states clearly and what Yehoshua upheld and taught 2000 years ago, you will reap the blessings that He bestows upon His people Israel whether the wild or en-grafted into the olive tree (Yisra’el). It is not our fault directly that we do not know with a 100% surety the pronunciation of BaShem but, those that purposely hid it. The very same people are responsible for the removal of some of the holy text from the Scriptures we hold today, those found at Qumran including Jubilees, Yasher, Maccabees, and other very pertinent Scrolls that not only expand on and complete the picture we see but, confirm that after the usurping of the Zadokite priesthood by the Hazmonean’s many changes occurred, and the Rabbi’s went about enforcing their form of Judaism instead of upholding to true biblical halachah, the hellenization of Israel by the Roman-Greco system and hence we end up with the mess we have today.

  192. Julia Sempio

    I have always enjoyed hearing Nehemia speak as well as read his writings and those with whom he has co-authored. I don’t always agree with him but I believe we should keep an open mind to other possibilites. I desire to have this book.

    • Petra

      Yes agree Julia. Nehemiah has some great insight into Scripture it’s just a pity that he still has the veil over his eyes so cannot see his Mashiach ben David, but, i believe as i’m sure you do that Aveenu Malkaynu uses people to fulfill His needs and prophecy, and i see Nehemiah as fulfilling a role that reaches people across the globe, giving them insight into the Truth of the Lashon Kodesh (holy tongue), and the Holy Torah as upheld by His only begotten son.
      We are blessed to have people like Nehemiah whom Aveenu Malkaynu has placed in his heart the desire to share the unadulterated Word of HaShem. Remember to give glory to YHWH.
      נֵר לְרַגְלִי דְבָרֶךָ וְאוֹר לִנְתִיבָתִי

      • James Gaul

        Petra, be very careful when pointing a finger at someone else and saying they have a veil over their eyes. I once was where you are and now realize it was me who had the veil over my eyes. Read all the verses in the Tanach where the word “Mashiach” appears and see who qualifies as Mashiach and what the qualities of a Mashiach are; Yeshua doesn’t qualify. I know this isn’t a debate forum, and I don’t wish to enter into one, but I can’t sit by silently while you falsely accuse Nehemia.

        • Petra

          I understand James and there was and is no finger pointing as such, it was not an attack of Nehemiah at all, i stated the facts as i see them, and gave praise to the works that he has done for many years. I do however disagree with you with regards to what is stated clearly in the Tanakh in both Hebrew and English, and i have absolutely no doubt that Yehoshua is Mashichaynu, and He will prove it when He shows you the marks on His hands and feet.
          Shalom u’vrakhot

  193. Diana Garber

    It’s been our privilege to hear Nehemia speak on 2 occasions, and we were able to take him to the airport–2 hours of firing questions was so worth the getting up so early to do it. We love his books. May our Father pour out heaven’s blessings on him. Philip and Diana Garber

  194. I have benefited from Nehemia’s other works, and I am sure this book will prove as informational. He is a great help to those of us who want to know the bible in it’s original language, history and context.

  195. Lisa Marie

    Nehemia is a veritable fount of knowledge – I love reading his books

  196. Dave Berry

    I have found all of your books to be most enlightening. My whole life I’ve been a Reform Jew, but now, through reading many of your books, I feel more connected to G-d and his Torah. Thank you. And, if G-d didn’t want us to mention his name, he wouldn’t have told it to us. Be well.

  197. Jannette Trevino

    that the light of truth enlighten the minds of the ignorant to come out of darkness

  198. David Wenta

    I look forward to reading this one.

  199. C F Petty

    I have learned so much from reading Nehemia’s books. I would love to have a copy of hie new one. Thanks so much for making this offer.

  200. Although I haven’t read Nehemiah Gordon’s tradition shattering book yet, “Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence,” I am looking forward to it. I agree with the Karaite, although my background is Christian. The Torah insructions in every Christian Bible is the only official word prescribed by our Creator, which we should do. Nemeniah has taken the time as this word is important to him as it is to me, to search these things out for himself. But, Nehemiah does not keep this word a secret as some so called experts do, for power of “self.” Nehemiah in is brotherly love and generousity has given his study of the name above all names to the people who need it most. I find it almost uncomfortable that a Karaite Jew is more like Yahshua the Messiah than andy Christian pastor I have ever heard. Thanks so much Nehemiah for caring.

    • Here is my testimony of the deep significance kept in exact letters of His Temple’s unveiling name Y-HWE. The name consists of 2 special revelations which when combined, spell-out in meaningful picture-letters, the Almighty’s plan to reconcile ALL Audimkind to Himself. YA’H is the Most Special: USHO is the Special. Check His true letters on my Facebook cover, they are wrongly labelled today as “Phoenician script”. Only that script directs the Way of unity with YA’H. He wants us in ONE mind, ONE understanding, ONE comprehension of HIS REALITY. Ponder the true letters of His name for UNITY in Him. “Elite Father, keep them in YOUR NAME: – the name you gave ME, so they may be ONE, even as we are One.” John 17. Y-HWE Tent physically taught spiritual realities of letters Y-H-W-E.

      “Y-HWE” spells Father’s RECONCILIATION promise to us. “Y-HWE” – is the Temple fully-Veiled. “YHUsho” – semi-veiled, exposes U-SH-O: – YAHUsho’s 3 roles to make us “Special to Him.” Y-H, + USHO means YA’H SEES. When YA’H SEES, He SAVES. USHO was veiled by the E veil of Y-HWE for 4,000 years, till YAHUsho’s birth.

      We enter His name by receiving His O (eyes) – His View, His Light on what is TRUTH. His view is given by the 7 spirits or Menorah of Specialness, represented by letter O in YAHUsho: (YAHUsho<–Enter). His light conveys His Law + Grace (-letter A of YAH – representing He who is “A+Th” – the living Ark of the Covenant for Life,) to reveal our inadequate state as a sinner. Then He offers His redeeming mercy. Both aspects – LAW + GRACE, abide in Him our “A” – Ark of the Covenant for LIFE.

      Humbled by the kneading teeth (-Sh) in His message, we refine as bread to enter His spiritual Body of 12 loaves for His table: – we join the 12 tribes of IshorAL. (YAHUsh<-o<-Enter) This entitles us to His Incense Altar role – the U in YAHUsho (YAHU<-sh<-o<-Enter). He mediates for us with Father AL from A position, within Veil H, within Heaven's Glory place.

      So the overall meaning of YAHUsho, is "YAH's Savior" – "For He will save His people from their sins." Matt 1:21
      Each letter of His name carries elements of His saving work, as displayed physically in His temple plan.

      To understand His language we must identify HIS TRUE ancient letter-forms, and recognise that they must be strictly conveyed into English. Strictly! NOT as Modern Hebrew. Bible Lexicons blindly follow the Messiah-rejecting Pharisee corruption of YA'HWE language. My FREE articles explain these vital truths in detail. Please awaken to this, YAHUsho's return is very near, He wants us “worshiping Him in SPIRIT and in TRUTH!”

      "You shall not take the A+Th name Y-HWE to SHUA, for Y-HWE will not nourish he who takes His A+Th name to SHUA!" – Third Commandment. Ex 20:7 Shin-Uau-Alef only, TRULY transliterates to SHUA in English. Connecting YAH to SHUA, is DEFINITELY NOT conveying Hebrew's Yud-He-Uau-Shin-Oyin – Y-HUSHO.

      Shin-Uau-Alef = 'rush over, desolation, destroy, waste, evil, guile, idolatry, false, lie, in vain:' – is blasphemy!
      The spirit blesses and guides us as we seek and worship ALuef+Thau YAHUsho “in spirit and in truth.”
      We cannot have TWO letters U in His name. Only ONE MAN (-U) was allowed in Temple at our atonement.
      Only one A and that's in the Most Special YA'H place, representing ONE LAW + ONE GRACE. There can be NO second “A” for there's NO Talmud, Papal dogma, or Koran allowed, to block entrance (as the final letter) into His name.

      DO send for FREE articles with amazing revelations of ALef+Thau YAHUsho's Pre-Flood ministry on Earth, without which we would not exist, let alone "be reconciled unto Him." –

      • Having stated that, I DO very much value Nehemiah’s blessing to all who are questioning their Christian beliefs, and are pondering + all too often clinging to, Orthodox Jewish traditions. Nehemiah has done an absolutely splendid work with His book and video entitled “The Greek Jesus versus the Hebrew Yeshua.” I count that book is a KEY tool to help those who would be classified as “Overcomers” (Rev 2+3). In two aspects it is very valuable. 1. In its exposure of the fact that Orthodox Judaism is modern Phariseeism (and so exposed and condemned by YAHUsho), differing little from Papal dictatorial twisting of truths. and 2. His clear and very helpful exposure of YAHUsho as a Torah-observant Jew, who advocated Torah and Kara observance. I salute and respect him in those matters. I do NOT agree with him on matters of the unveiling forms of the Y-HWE name.

      • David Paul

        You haven’t got a foggy clue what you are talking about. Sad, really.

  201. Please correct my mispelling (especially Nehemia’s name 🙂 and my poor punctuation. My p.c. was having a fit when I posted my comment above. Thank you, LJ

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    I, too, have not read Nehemiah’s books, but have spent some hours on foot with him, wandering the streets and special places in Jerusalem. He is a treasure-trove of knowledge, and yet, a wonderful and refreshingly humble servant of the Most High. My eyes have been opened to the power of the Torah, and the Words that it holds. I look forward to the book!

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  220. Jennifer Christmas

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  226. Richard Urbanek

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  227. Ya'aqob Yosef Wahl

    The Hebrew Bible (Tenach) that Nehemia follows contains the “Everlasting and only Covenant ” that YHWH gave to his people, and which they were not to add to or take away from to obey and eventually all nations will walk in it and be blessed.

    • Ya’aqob even the Brit Chadashah or what i personally call the Ketuvim Netzarim quotes Scripture as being the Tanakh. The NT or Brit Chadashah is not Scripture but the writings of the Nazerene’s or a record of Yehoshua’s ministry. Most people do not understand this because their belief system is tied to the false teachings of churchianity or western christianity that when they read the NT they believe it to be replacement Scripture. If you read the NT closely you will see that when Yeshua or His talmidim quote Scripture they quote from the Tanakh, why? Because it was the only Scripture available in the 1st Century and is what was Ordained by Yehoshua’s father for us to live by.
      Yeshua’s ministry just confirms what was written to occur in the Tanakh and it is a record of it, there are No new commandments otherwise this would disqualify him as being Mashiach. So when we want to learn we turn to the engine of the book the Torah….simple and the Torah was written of Yeshua as He clearly states, and as we can clearly see.

    • The whole foundation of the Torah, Prophets, Newer Testament and of Messiah, may be discovered laid in the Eden Millennium. It is there that He who is the A+Th Y-HWE, came humbly as “the (human) Good Seed” in the grape which Audim ate, and was therefore able to cover Audim for him to repent, and be covered by ALuf’s 1,000 Earth-years long “DAY”.
      Therefore we could ALL come to exist. He was conveyed down thru 6 generations of men – which made Him the seed which became “the Root of (both) Jesse and David”). He was then born as ENOCH (meaning “The ONE Dedicated”.) He – “that Prophet of Y-HWE,” was anointed by all the Kings of Earth including Audim” to be “King of All Kings.” Yashar 3. Audim HAD TO physically lay hands-on his Heir of “World Dominion” before he died, and he did. His Heir – the Second Audim (Enoch) also inherited Audim’s responsibility to deal with the problem of sin-contamination. Hence righteous Enoch was taken by ALuhim to Heaven, and was anointed as High Priest YHUsho, to serve in Temple Y-HWE in Heaven, as Spokesman for His Father, (Zekh 3) for 3,000 years (3 Heaven Days), before returning via Mary to die as our Atoning Passover Lamb.

  228. Corrine Turner

    Have long admired Nehemia’s zeal for introducing us to our Hebrew roots and their significance in our understanding of scriptures which have been twisted throughout the centuries to promote powerful unholy agendas. Look forward to reading his newest book, having enjoyed and learned much from his previous works.

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  232. Would very much like a copy. I have other books by Nehemia and currently cant afford his latest release.

  233. While the exact pronunciation may not be the main issue, the correct name is. One of the earliest of the ten commandments literally forbids us to “bring YHWH’s name to nothing”. Refusing to speak it at all (within the context of its respectful use) and substituting it with completely different–and often pagan–names has got to fall into that category.

  234. Dani'el Crabbtree

    Shalom, I would love to read the book and to share it in our Synagogue. I am very much looking forward to reading it.

  235. Shalom Everyone, and thank you Shawn for this opportunity to speak publically about my friend Nehemiah. Though Nehemiah and I differ a bit on who and what Messiah is even so, I know Nehemiah to be an honest researcher and a true lover of The Torah. For because of this and the time I have spent with him, I count him a true brother in the Elohim of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I have read his book and absolutely loved it. I came to many of his conclusions prior to reading his book, so it is always a joy to see confirmation to my own Torah studies. Nehemiah is a true friend as well. He has in many cases corrected me in my Hebrew and some of my interpretations of Scripture where I was incorrect. As scripture states Pro_27:17 Iron is sharpened by iron, And a man sharpens the face of his friend. I count Nehemiah as a friend who sharpens my face. My advice is to get this and all of his books. Maybe he can sharpen your face as well.

    Shalom kol am Yisra’el

  236. Thankful for Nehemia’s dedication and research and openness to share Torah insights with all believers.

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    Look forward to reading the next one.

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    Blessed are you, Yehovah!

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    • Al Raines

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      Therefore my people shall know my name: therefore they shall know in that day that I am he that doth speak: behold, it is I. Isa 52:6

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    Ariel ben Yehudah

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    Thomas Cossette
    This idea of banning YHWH’s name is as old as mankind itself, modern Judaism take comes from the 72 that developed the Septuagint.

  254. I understand that the Name is pronounced on Yom Kippur during synagogue services, but I can’t specifically remember hearing this.

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