Limited Time Only: Get Karaite Fact Cards FREE!

A Blue Thread has surpassed my wildest expectations.

As a way of showing my appreciation, I’m giving away 100 sets of all eight Karaite fact cards printed to date. Absolutely free.

This offer is only good between now and midnight on April 30, 2013 – but you have to be within the first 100 people to request a set. (One set per person/household.)

If you want a set, email your mailing address to

Here are some of the images and corresponding text for your enjoyment.

Karaite Fact Card 2: Cheeseburgers and ParadiseKaraite Fact Card 2: Cheeseburgers and Paradise (Back)

Karaite Fact Card 3: Fringe Benefits (Front)Karaite Fact Card 3  Fringe Benefits

Karaite Fact Card 1 Front (What is Karaite Judaism) Karaite Fact Card 1 Back (What is Karaite Judaism) With Border

Karaite Fact Card 6: Sight for Sore Eyes (Front)Karaite Fact Card 6: Sight for Sore Eyes


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8 Responses to Limited Time Only: Get Karaite Fact Cards FREE!

  1. These look phenomenal – I hope I get a set!

  2. Yelena

    I was fortunate enough to win these cards from a matzo competition and I have to say, they’re so great that I’m tempted to get a 2nd set just to have more of them around! I’ll try my best to fight off the temptation so others can enjoy and put them to good use.

  3. Drew Bernath

    I would like to individually be a recipient of these fascinating cards indeed. :-))

  4. Dale

    Thank you so much for all of your Karite insight on the Blue Thread..really a true blessing to learn from….did you say the cards are free that is a blessings for all of whom really want to learn more. Thank you again Shawn..

  5. Arrgh! I’m a bit late for the dance, I see! However, are these cards available for purchase somewhere now, or is there a ‘master pdf’ for download?

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