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Uniting Rabbanites, Karaites and Rock & Rollers

When I was a kid, I received my formal Jewish education at Peninsula Sinai Congregation in Foster City, CA. There, I met a guy named Aaron Moskowitz, who was one year older than me. He was always a nice guy. But poof, just like that he was gone. It turns out he moved away and I never actually interacted with him again until we connected on facebook, through a group for alumni of Alpha Epsilon Pi (the Jewish fraternity).

I asked the group whether anyone could help me create new, modern music for Karaite songs. I was even open to something like what Jimi Hendrix did to (and for) the National Anthem. Aaron was one of many people who said he could help. He said the project contained his two favorite things: Rock & Roll and Judaism.

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Exciting News: Web Courses and Educational Donations

Please join me for an online course. Thursday 6:30 Pacific time. Register here.

My fellow Threaders,

First, do we like being called Threaders? (Let me know at the end of the post.)

As you know, I have been blogging less than I had originally planned. And indeed, I am blogging less than I want to. There is a simple reason for this. I have been working on several other initiatives that I hope will create long term sustainability for the Karaite movement. Blogging is a great short term investment, but we need something more substantive if we are going to exist in 100 years.

So today, I want to announce two exciting initiatives.

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Passover Will Never Taste the Same: Last Egyptian Karaite Shochet Passes Away

dr, ben 1When I was in high school, I learned two truths that would change my world. The first truth I learned was that my male relatives were detained in Egyptian internment camps during the Six Day war. The war lasted six days, but the Egyptian government’s internment of Jewish males lasted approximately three years. The second truth I learned was that every year my Uncle Ben had personally slaughtered the lamb we ate on Passover. I never knew any of this till my high school years. Crazy.

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The KJA Launches The Karaite Press: Buy “Esther Explained”

Esther Explained, a beautiful addition to your Purim studies

Esther Explained, a beautiful addition to your Purim studies

I’ve been unfaithful. Instead of blogging, I’ve been working with the Karaite Jews of America on launching The Karaite Press. I will provide a more detailed overview of The Karaite Press, its vision, and its goals in the coming weeks. For now, I want to make sure everyone knows that The Karaite Press’ first publication, Esther Explained, is available at a pre-sale price of $14. But if you enter discount code “KJA”, you can save an extra 15%.

After the jump you can see some more of the marketing material.

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A Karaite Ketubah

The traditional Karaite Ketubah requires the signature of 10 Jewish witnesses. And in the Karaite tradition, men or women count as witnesses. Here is a video of how my wife and I integrated our  varying Jewish customs into our Ketubah.

If you would like to integrate a Karaite custom into your upcoming life-cycle events, please drop me a note.


November 3, 2014 · 6:00 am

Not All Jews Can Observe Passover Free From Oppression

From Yediot Aharanot: Questions and Answers with Hakham Rashi Moshe Firrouz about the recent ban on Karaite slaughter.

From Yediot Aharanot: Questions and Answers with Hakham Rashi Moshe Firrouz about the recent ban on Karaite slaughter.

Those who follow the blog regularly know that I have tremendous respect for the Rabbinic tradition.  (See here and here.) Heck, I have even professed my “support” for the Rabbanut.

But, at some point, you just have to call a foul on the Israeli religious authorities and ask your fellow Jews a simple question: “What kind of Jewish world do you want to live in?”

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